Fixed Broken SD Card Slot Raspberry Pi

So they say you learn from your mistakes well I learned from one and a few others. So I go to pull my RPi out of its case but I forget to pull the SD card out next thing I know I have two pieces of plastic hanging off the SD card slot and won’t hold the memory card in place any more so I hit up Google looking for repair ideas so I found a few one was gluing plastic on top of SD card slot….lets just say it was a mess and didn’t work. Then I go looking for a replacement SD card reader to solder on here is two I found.



Lets say cost of one probably same cost as the RPi but I figured if I could get old one off maybe I would try. In haste I try clipping contacts off instead of desoldering well in the process I pulled off some of the pads off.

As you see there are no pads so I tried to scratch to find a trace it didn’t work out but I got lucky I did some reading and the only pads I pulled off were the write protect and a pad they just held the front to SD card slot in place so I saw this microSD card adapter on Adafruit.



So I order one in thinking maybe I solder RPi with a little wire to the the adapter.

The only pins missing are the write protect so all cards will be writable even if tab is set to protect the RPi will be unaware of it and the card detect I just soldered the 2 pins together so the RPi will always thinks there’s a card inserted even if there isn’t.

So when all was done I plug it in and power up AND IT WORKED!!!!

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