Clean EFI/GPT Partitions off Thumb/Flash Drive

If you ever format a thumb drive on a mac you may notice on the windows side you may end up with a GPT or EFI partition on the drive it usually on uses 600MB or so but if you like me you just hate to see wasted space even if you have no use … Read more

Upgraded to BellAliant FiberOP Internet

So I finally upgraded form DSL to Bell’s FiberOP and its like going from night to day its great I got the 30/30 plan. The install went quick and smooth the installer showed up around 3pm and was done around 4:30-5pm

Coffee The Foul Substance

Ok how do so many people like coffee its like the worst tasting drink I have ever tasted, Yet the line up it a mad rage for their coffee the local Tim’s, Starbucks, etc. And you go to Starbucks and they expect you to par haft an arm for a cup IT’S MAD!!! I’ve only … Read more

iPhone at Last

The day has came I got my iPhone the storm is no more I can finally go a day without pulling the battery on my Blackberry. I haven’t missed my BlackBerry once even though I am still routing for RIM where they are a Canadian company I hope they make it though for me I … Read more

NTV’s First HD Remote Broadcast

So we did our first HD Remote at work today the 2011 Provincial Debate and it went perfect and looked amazing. It was so great to be a part of to watch the truck we switched from analog to HD in a week was mind boggling but god bless our ENG team they did it. … Read more

And We Have Another Election

So here we are again in the middle of another mad storm of political war between all the party’s, so in one corner we have the PC’s with Kathy Dunderdalel and the other Liberal’s with Kevin Aylward and in another we have NDP with Lorraine Michael. So who will get the knock out. Starting off we … Read more